Monday, January 25, 2010

Nita Vono - The Turtle Lady

Through Real Estate and the Women's Council of Realtors, I have had the pleasure of getting to know a most wonderful and interesting lady. Her name is Nita Vono aka The Turtle Lady. Nita has for years raised and rescued turtles. She has studied, been licensed and is an expert on the care of turtles. She is called constantly from people from all over the USA looking for advice on the care of turtles. When shelters are given turtles, they ask Nita to take care of them. At this time, I believe that Nita has over 52 turtles. The photo above is Nita's largest and favorite turtle. His name is in the tank.

My sister Brenda and her daughters were visiting from Washington State. Nita gave us all a tour of the turtles. It was so fun and educational. Above is Taylor checking out Sherman as he buzzed from one end of the yard to the other. Turtles actually move faster than I thought.

I kept thinking my leather purse was in Sherman's way, but everywhere I moved it, he would follow it. He was quite fond of my purse. Nita commented that if we weren't careful, we would have baby coin purses running around the yard. ;-)

Heidi picking up Sherman. They both have cute little smiles don't they!

L to R: Heidi, Nita Vono, Taylor and Brenda (my favorite sister)...and Sherman (front)
Heidi commented to Brenda: "Mom - we have found another version of you...Just with Turtles!" (Brenda's whole life centers around her horses and her art - Passion is her word too!)
Nita is amazing, gracious, funner than all get out, and so interesting. One great word that describes Nita is PASSION! I am so glad that I have gotten to know Nita...we have traveled together to Orlando, Washington DC, San Diego and St George with WCR this past year and it has been great getting to know her.
One other great thing about Nita is that she LOVES to when we travel, we like to hit quilt shops whenever possible. Several times I would say "Hey, look at this great piece of fabric" only to see Nita holding that same fabric (so need I say more...she has GREAT taste in fabric).
Thanks Nita for the turtle tours, fun travels, great conversation and most of all wonderful friendship. You truly are AMAZING!

Twins in 2 worlds

Maybe it's the hair....maybe the sweet face....or is it the long fingers???? This mannequin caught our eye at the mall this holiday season. Look's like Yellie doesn't she. We asked her what she thought, but she wouldn't say much...she just giggled along with Danielle.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nellie's Quilt

Over Thanksgiving Weekend we found some cute fabric and made a cute quilt for to be (Nellie is the pregnancy name...the Real name hasn't been decided yet....just for clarification)
Karen did the sewing and I did the ironing. It is really cute!

Close up of the dog fabric. I love the colors in this fabric!

It is laid out in a brick like style. The light sashing in between looks like light dog paw prints. This will be something that the baby will surely Love. Karen is so talented and has a great eye for cute fabrics. We are so happy that Karen is doing well during her pregnancy. I'm sure this will be a beautiful and healthy baby. Congrats Karen and Dustin. xoxox

Sock Elephant

On a previous post I talked about Megans quilt that Kimberlee made...I forgot, Kimberlee's love and compassion didn't stop there. Megan has a 2 year old son that LOVES Elephants. Kimberlee found a pattern for a sock elephant, you the sock monkey.

So Kimberlee made a sock elephant for Megan's cute little boy, even though Megan is the one who is so sick, the whole family is obviously affected. This little elephant is so soft and cute, Megans son loves it and carries everywhere. This photo is Kimberlee holding her work of art.

Danielle is showing the front view of the Elephant. So is the elephant!!

Here is another view of Megans quilt with Kimberlee holding it. My Daughter is so talented and thoughtful.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cindy's Quilt

I am the Luckiest Mom in the World. My kids each made a quilt block for me with a sweet note. They put a bunch of fun photos of everyone in the family. And Kimberlee stayed up late for nights sewing up a storm...calling at random times to ask various "quilt questions" for a secret project... ;-)
Christmas came quickly, the top is done and I got to see the fabric that will be the border and back. The fun part is that me n Kimberlee are going to start having a quilt night once a week to get it done...the best part of that will be hanging out with Bimms! if we can get Karen, Yellie and Benita to all drop by once a week to help out, that would be AMAZING! I can't wait. This quilt is so CUTE!!! I almost cried when I opened it...but I didn't want the guys to all think that I am a baby...(even tho I am sometimes).
I will post more photos when we get it done...maybe even as we work on it...if I remember to take the photos.
Also...I got a mothers necklace from the is a heart with a birthstone of each one of my kids and inlaw kids. It is beautiful...I wear it almost everday. Thanks kids! xoxox (See...I am Lucky, huh!!!)

Ludene's Quilt

Karen was in a domestic goddess mode when she came home for Christmas. So I helped her put together this quilt for her sweet mother in law, Ludene Davis. Karen had the squares already cut out of old levi's - I think the squares were about 8 x 8 inch. She sewed a pocket on one of the squares, and made a little kerchief out of the back print and tucked it into the pocket. We had a great time visiting while she sewed and I ironed. Then after the top was done we hit the quilt shop to find the perfect backing and border.

Karen was probably thinking of this spot when she was driving through the freezing snow in Utah. This photo was taken in Newport Beach. Beautiful Place, Beautiful Daughter.

The photo doesn't show the pretty color of the border. It was tied with a sage green thread.

This is a closeup shot of the backing. I love the dot flowers. Believe it or not, the colors are really vibrant. It turned out darling and Ludene loved the quilt, almost as much as Karen loves Ludene....which is alot. Karen is so lucky to have a wonderful mother in law - Ludene is a Gem!

San Diego Thanksgiving

Scott, Danielle and myself took a journey to Tustin, California to spend a wonderful Thanksgiving with Dustin and Karen. Besides eating a wonderful meal - we spent a bit of time at the beach. Boy, the sunsets are beautiful!!

No vacation is complete without my famous feet in the sand or feet in the water photos. Even though it was November - we should have brought our shorts. It was about 85 degrees that day!

Dustin was hard at work, so we went to a movie and hung out all day. This is Danielle and Karen in front of the huge outdoor Christmas tree. Everything was decorated so nice for Christmas.

We found this visor in Vegas on the way. Scott wore it when he went golfing with Dustin. Notice the fake hair! Now he can wear a visor without getting burned!

This was the favorite photo that I took at Newport Beach. It was so beautiful seeing the sunset. Can you believe this was taken with the camera on my phone! Beautiful!!
Karen and Dustins house is darling. The Thanksgiving dinner was phenomenal, Dustin fixed the dessert...a pumpkin cheesecake from their favorite restraunte - Roman Cacina...Delicious!!! The Davis' are wonderful hosts. We even got to hit a quilt shop and buy some cute baby fabric. We got most of the top done before I left....(this was before we knew the baby is a she...but still cute fabric).

Benita's Famous Southern Chicken Pot Pie

When Scott and I went to North Carolina to see Denny and Benita Get married. Benita took us to a restraunt to try the chicken pot pie that all the locals like. Benita makes it all the time and was kind enough to share it with me. It was DELICIOUS!! Try it out!

Benita's Chicken Pot Pie

2 cans chicken breast; or 1 pkg chicken breast boiled till done. Cut into cubes
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of mushroom soup
2 frozen pie crust, thawed

Grease baking dish. one crust on bottom of dish

Mix chicken and both soups in bowl. Place in the pie crust. Top with other crust.

Bake 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Soldier Son

Denny when he finished Basic Training. We are Sure Proud of our Son!! xoxox

Denny first worked as a crew chief on the Apache Helicopter for several years in Korea. Then after training in Virginia, Denny was trained on the BlackHawk helicopter. His base in now the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg - and recently spent time in Afghanistan. We are Proud of you Denny.

Veteren's Day Parade

November 11, 2009 I attended my first Veteren's Day Parade to watch my Son-in-Law Kai march with his Army ROTC unit. The sense of Thanksgiving and pride that I felt for all of these wonderful men and women who have served our country was wonderful. This may have been my first parade, but it will not be my last.

Whenever the parade would stop, a young boy would run out and shake hands with the vet's on the floats. People were yelling "Thank You" and "We Love You". The smiles and waves were priceless.

The tallest soldier on the second row from left is Kai. He recently joined the military and we are all so proud of him wanting to serve his country.

Me... A Proud Mom.

We stood next to a gentleman who is a VietNam Vet. He said he has not missed a parade in over 35 years. He shook Kai's hand after the parade and told him "Thank You" for all he does to serve us and our country.

Although it was really hard to have her Sweetheart gone to Basic Training for 6 months - Kimberlee managed to take care of 2 puppies and hold the fort down with Strength and Grace. Kimberlee and Kai make a great team. Blessings to them both!!